Our next culture show:
“The Fate Within Us” on April 6th

Culture show szn is here!! If you would like to be a part of something fantastic then join a group!

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Each year VSA at VCU puts on a huge play each year called Culture Show. It generates a huge turnout and is on par with Broadway. This is such a hugely important event within the VSA, VCU and MAUVSA community that we created a role on board that focuses on this one event. Last year, Culture Show was conducted by Annie Le and Van Tran. The performance was called "Heart of Jade". 

Summary (spoilers!!!)
The plot focused on two young "demigods" that were siblings. The brother, Thuy (Zach Shein) and Hai (Anh Pham) always knew that they were lowkey different. After years of tiresome questioning of their father (Ariel), well, it had no effect; but after Thuy and Hai got into an incident at school, they realized that they were demigods. This spurred their father to tell them to search for a jade necklace that was connected (not literally) to their mother (Eileen Ly). After countless incidents, challenges and bickering, the heroes finally found their mother and grandmother (Cynthia Nguyen). The family is thus reunited.