welcome to vsa at vcu.

We Are A Community Of Students
Who Converge To Celebrate

Vietnamese Culture.

MAUVSA serves the Vietnamese American community, unifies the Vietnamese Student Associations (VSAs) of the Mid-Atlantic region, and empowers young Vietnamese Americans by fostering cultural awareness, promoting social justice, and developing leadership.

As an association that spreads across the United States, VSA is committed to creating leaders of the future and creating a tight-knit community that includes all humans under the sun.

Thank you everyone for coming out to Ocha Tea and supporting us!

Each year we create a huge play (on the same level as broadway). It takes a lot of committement, hard work and determination; but without these amazing people, the show would not have gone on. Last year's play was titled, "Heart of Jade".

Join us at 520 Icecream & Tea for some good, good icecream and tea.