welcome to vsa at vcu.

We Are A Community Of Students
Who Converge To Celebrate

Vietnamese Culture.

As a Non-Profit Organization, we are always looking for a way
to educate talented members of the VSA community.
If you are interested on getting a head-start in your career,
then please contact us.

Shirt Design

CALLING ALL DESIGNERS AND ARTISTS! We are having a shirt competition, create a design with a max of three colors, and email it to us. The winning design will be featured on the 2018-2019 member shirts.

You guys, we will be traveling to CAVA to spend some time away from our studies. Come join us and eat until you're full!


The fall season is coming upon us and are beginning to create our Co-ed Turkeybowl team. If you are interested and looking to have fun, then please sign up!

Come join your VSA family in one of these exciting events!